Chopping-Edge Egg Freezing: A Recreation-Changer for Late-in-Life Being pregnant Success?

When you don’t really feel able to have youngsters but you’re definitely not alone. The most recent figures from  the Workplace for Nationwide Statistics (ONS) present us that girls underneath 18s are having fewer infants, girls between the ages of 30 and 34 are having the best variety of infants of any age group, and the variety of infants born from girls aged 35 and above are additionally steadily rising. This implies that girls are opting to have youngsters later and later in life. There are numerous causes this can be the case, from not discovering the fitting companion to focussing on a profession.

On the subject of understanding if egg freezing is your finest likelihood at getting pregnant later in life, we should first perceive the hyperlink between age and fertility. Once we speak about a lady’s ‘fertility’, we’re referring to not solely the variety of eggs out there in a lady’s ovarian reserve however the high quality of these eggs. The older a lady will get, the much less fertile she turns into. A girl is at her most fertile round age 30, and after this level, fertility slowly begins to say no. From age 35 this decline occurs way more shortly as menopause approaches. Though it’s potential to get pregnant naturally after 35, it turns into way more troublesome. Not solely this, however getting pregnant later in life brings with it a a lot greater danger of genetic abnormalities for the kid (situations like Down’s syndrome, for instance), and higher dangers for the mom throughout being pregnant.

There are a number of choices in the case of getting pregnant later in life. Though it’s potential to get pregnant naturally, the probabilities of this can be slim with your individual eggs. Which means it might be a smart choice to look into different choices. These can embody:

  • Surrogacy
  • IVF utilizing frozen eggs
  • IVF utilizing donor eggs


Surrogacy includes a lady (the surrogate) carrying and delivering a child on another person’s behalf. In 2021, it was discovered that the variety of mother and father utilizing a surrogate to increase their household had quadrupled within the final decade.

When present process surrogacy, the surrogate will both present her personal egg(s) or donor egg(s) can be used. These are then inseminated together with your companion’s sperm or donor sperm. After the infant is born, the surrogate would be the baby’s authorized mum or dad at start, and that is then transferred to you by parental order or adoption. It is because, underneath UK legislation, if somebody has given start to a toddler, no matter whether or not a donor egg is used, they’re at all times thought of the authorized mom earlier than the parental order or adoption is accomplished.

When you use donor sperm, the donor won’t be the authorized mum or dad and won’t have any authorized obligation to any baby(ren) born by means of using their sperm.

How a lot does surrogacy value within the UK?

It’s at the moment unlawful to promote for or pay a surrogate, although you’re answerable for any affordable bills incurred, corresponding to journey bills, medical prices and maternity garments. In response to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), ‘surrogates sometimes obtain £10,000-£15,000, though this may rely in your circumstances’.

IVF utilizing frozen eggs

Age of the lady on the time of egg freezing is a very powerful issue within the success of IVF when utilizing frozen eggs. It’s usually acknowledged that one of the best age to freeze your eggs is in your late twenties. UK legislation has lately modified to permit eggs to be frozen for as much as 55 years from the date on which they have been first positioned in storage, giving a lady in her twenties loads of time to determine whether or not she want to use the eggs to conceive a being pregnant.

Due to the decline in fertility, girls over 40 who freeze their eggs may have a really slim likelihood of being pregnant, in comparison with girls over 40 utilizing eggs that have been frozen at a youthful age.

If a lady decides to freeze her eggs earlier than she is 35, when she makes use of the eggs the possibility of conception can be a lot greater than if she was making an attempt to get pregnant naturally.

As soon as the lady is able to have a child, the frozen eggs are thawed earlier than being fertilised with sperm (both from a companion or a donor) to create embryos. The very best quality embryo (normally one or two) is then transferred to the lady’s uterus.

If you’re beginning your journey and searching for an IVF clinic in London, the excellent news is that you’ll find lots with extremely certified and skilled fertility medical doctors. London is residence to among the most interesting fertility medical doctors on the earth.

Utilizing donor eggs is usually a good choice for ladies who’re over 35 however do not need their very own eggs frozen.

IVF utilizing donor eggs

Egg donation is usually a good choice for ladies who’re over 35 because the age of the lady on the time of the eggs thawing has little to no impression on the possibility of success.

There are numerous causes a lady might select to make use of donor eggs instead of her personal. A number of the most typical causes embody age, having an inheritable well being situation they don’t need to cross on to the infant, and having well being situations like Untimely Ovarian Insufficiency (POI), which suggests a lady might not have any eggs of her personal.

Donor eggs might be chosen primarily based on bodily traits corresponding to peak, hair color and pores and skin tone. Some girls select traits which are akin to their very own in an effort to enhance the probabilities of having a child that appears bodily much like them.

The method of utilizing donor eggs for IVF is far the identical as utilizing frozen eggs.

Greatest likelihood of turning into pregnant later in life

Is egg freezing your finest likelihood of turning into later in life? The information means that this can be the case, however in the end what you select to do is a private choice and there are various elements that may affect this essential choice. We want you one of the best of luck in your fertility journey.